Have you got what it takes to breath new life into the mountain adventure?
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Ski Heaven is working with a host of local partners to collect old skis and snowboards. We’re always looking for artists and builders to help develop master creations, as well as a range of smaller merchandise pieces. We display, promote and retail the pieces at events, and through the online store. This is your opportunity to have your art discovered and protect the mountains you love.

Inquiries welcome:

Current Artist Bio's

Randi Kruse is the principal designer and mastermind behind Ski Heaven. Randi's brings the passion, vision and branding to the business, developing new processes for artistic collaboration. She finds inspiration in the surrounding mountains, community love, and an enormous amount of ski waste. Randi is dedicated to advancing sustainability through creative partnerships and strategic marketing, visit to learn more.


Ron Denessen was born in Venlo, The Netherlands and now resides in Whistler with his family. He received his BFA from Emily Carr University of Art + Design. For over 25 years Ron has been a practicing artist, including 15 years working closely with renowned artist Susan Point. Ron enjoys painting and creating sculptures out of old skis. The first artist to see Ski Heaven's potential, Ron has been with us since day one.



Matt Cruise was born in Australia and relocated to Whistler three years ago. Trained as a carpenter, he brings a passion for symmetry and smooth edges to Ski Heaven projects. Matt oversees engineering requirements for large pieces, provides a steady hand with spinning blades, and isn't afraid to experiment, pushing the limits of ski material to their fullest potential. Matt discovered Ski Heaven last year and we are thrilled to have his talent on the team.